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Li Ru Chen (李如琛), Female, Born in 1981

Li Ru Chen (李如琛) has taken part in many calligraphy competitions since her school days. She has been awarded many prizes in the China National Youth Calligraphy competition in various occasion. Ru Chen enrolled into the Heng Sui School of Art in year 2000 and completed her training in 2003. After graduation, she was trained by Mr Wang Guan Yu (王冠宇). Ru Chen was also trained personally by the legendary grand master of inside painting, Mr Wang Xi San (王习三). Ru Chen also graduated from the He Bei Art College in 2005 and spend the next year in the National Chinese Calligraphy Society. She completed her specialized study on Chinese calligraphy in 2006.

Li Ru Chen subject of painting include, landscape, portrait and animals. However, it’s easy to realize that what differentiate Li Ru Chen is her outstanding ability in Chinese calligraphy inside painting. Li Ru Chen is among a very limited pool of inside painter that can write over 5,000 Chinese character in a bottle. Some of her record breaking masterpieces are the Dao De Jing (道德经) and the Buddhism Sutra Jin Kang Ban Ruo Po Luo Mi Jing (金刚般若波罗蜜经). In those bottles, each of her hand written Chinese character measured as tiny as 1 millimeter in size. Ru Chen also write many famous poem and Chinese classical text like the Lan Ting Xu (兰亭序) and the Jiu Cheng Kong (九成宫). Li Ru Chen has dominated the Gold medal award of the Wang Xi San Inner Painting Competition, Calligraphy Section, since 2007. Below are her awards and accolades that she won over the years :

2007 - Awarded Gold medal in the 2nd Wang Xi San Inner Painting Competition in the Calligraphy Section with her work titled “A Thousands Word”

2010 - Awarded Gold medal in the 3nd Wang Xi San Inner Painting Competition in the Calligraphy Section with her calligraphy of Dao De Jing

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